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Great job!

Here's the corresponding thread in the main sub:


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You're a saint. May jesus overflow your cup with pussy, money, protein, and N-95s.

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Thanks again for the hard work. Much appreciated

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I was going to ask this on the other thread, but I’ll just ask here. What’s the difference between the material in A3, A4, and A5? Is A5 the completed version? A3 with the most basic understanding and less with specifics?

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It's the screen size of the PDF. If you're on a desktop, A4 is the optimal one to use. If you're on a phone, A5. And if you have a big & wide screen, A3.

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I’ve never understood why the two subreddits have such vastly different contents.

“Read the sidebar” obviously refers to the main subreddit’s sidebar, which is misleading for people that assume that this means to read the asktrp sidebar, and they miss out on the main sidebar’s content. And if you read the main sidebar and don’t read asktrp’s sidebar, you miss out on useful resources like the CorporateLand series.

Mods, why have they never been consolidated? If both sidebars contain “sidebar-worthy” content, they should be one and the same. It’s needlessly confusing and I’m not the first to raise this question.

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Can we get a epub?

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I second this!

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Very nice, may I suggest a very important change?

I feel like a lexicon should be the first page after the summary. Most of these pages contain several acronyms and TRP related lingo. I would like to share this to some friends but I feel like without a lexicon for the uninitiated it can lose some of its impact.

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Do you mean like a glossary as the first page?

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If you have enough spare time to do this, at least make a fucking comic sans version man come on.

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was looking for this comment hahaha

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Thanks bro

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Thanks bro

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You are a God walking amongst men, thank you

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Thank you soo much! I will Lee this forever. Well until I switch phones.

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Awesome work, thanks for doing this.

Question, why is FDS on your red archive site?

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It was something I wasn't sure if I should add or not, but I then decided to add it because it may have information that we, RP men, can use to learn about women's tactics. Might remove it in the future.

edit: I've removed it now because FDS is not at high risk of being banned.

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Good work bro

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Much appreciated, brother!

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May I ask how you created these pdf files? I also had this idea of creating ebooks from online html "book" websites a while ago.

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What's the difference between Theredpill sidebar and asktrp sidebar?

Aren't both the same?

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Asktrp sidebar seems to be @ double the pages of TheRedPill sidebar

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No, they’re very different, which is something that has bothered me and others to no end.

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I love you man. Come here lemme give you a hug. However, just wondering, why didn’t you also do an A6 version?

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Just added A6. Check the thread again.

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Very nice. Any chance for an .epub version for reading on mobile devices?

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Thank a lot bro

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Thanks brother

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You’re a legend

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So many people on this sub need to read this...the questions are hilarious

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Excellent. Upvotes for you good sir.

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You've done God's work

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Thank you

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